Holy bajoley I’m doing another giveaway!! Isn’t that exciting?! Since I keep gaining between 297 and 302 followers, I might as well do the giveaway now instead of waiting… and waiting… and waiting. yeah. 

(P.S. if you don’t want to reblog this with my banner at the top, just reblog as a text post and insert a ‘read more’ to de-clutter the post.)



2M neopoints OR 500K neopoints & one NC item from the NC mall equal to or less than 300NC!


whatever first place didn’t choose!


a random paintbrush that’s equal to or less than 100K neopoints!


all the codestones I happen to have in my safety deposit box by the time I pick the winners!


- you don’t have to follow me to enter, but you’ll be missing out on some rad screenies and graphics if you don’t!

- ONE reblog, ONE like. Keeps it fair and doesn’t clutter up dashboards. If you reblog it more times, you will be disqualified.

- please keep your ask box open so I can contact you if you win.

- if you have multiple blogs (giveaway blogs, secondary neoblogs, etc) only reblog on ONE blog (to keep it fair)

- I will be picking the winners by a randomly generated number based on the notes.

- Ends July 27th~!

Thank you to my followers and those who reblog my graphics. It means a lot to me, really. The Neopets community here on Tumblr is fantastic, and I love all of you. If I add any notes to the giveaway or change something, the tag for it will be “usukireject’s giveaway”.

xoxo, Erika/Yoshi. 

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